If you don't know what constitutes eco-friendly art, try Collages. A great Eco-friendly collage can be made over a large cardboard, wood, or paper surface. The fashion for big bangles is a perfect source for inspirational green-ness! Here is what I do!

A can wrapped with duct tape-- approximately the width of the bracelet I want!
After placing layers upon layers of strips of paper, cardboard, newsprint and glue on I cut the long band in half to take it off, and then in half to get two separate bracelets.
The bracelet is glued back together and several more layers of paper is placed on top-- sand-papered and ready to roll!
As an alternative- you can buy pre-made wooden bangles at a store!
In order to make each one unique and eco-friendly I do the following:
  • Use unused materials (old silk flowers, fabric, scrapbook paper scraps)
  • Recycle- newspaper, catalogs, magazines
  • And-- use up buttons, beer-caps, birthday cards, goody-bags and anything else that would otherwise have no use!
Here are some of my designs

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