After reading and flipping through some books on Visual Journaling I have discovered that this is an art-form that will express my ideas well. While I will not forsake any technique work, I think that by keeping a visual diary of my life, I will be more inspired.  While throwing my thoughts on to the paper I was able to express my emotions with words, torn paper, pictures I drew or found, and screaming colors and associations. It is like scrap-booking but it does not necessarily have to match and look tidy, it should look like your head and heart and soul. It felt like a self portrait, a depiction of things I can't communicate but wish to nonetheless throw out.

Some great resources for all those interested:
Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself By Sabrina Ward Harrison for inspiration
Visual Journaling Going Deeper than Words by Barbara Ganim and Susan Fox for a more theoretical psychological approach.

You can also find some great examples at

The 3 Examples pasted below are some cool journals I found by an artist Teesha Moore you can find her at

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