Hello there! I will be moving my craft business to fairybling.com and my blog to http://fairybling.blogspot.com/... though fairybling isn't yet complete, you can check out the blog... I've moved almost all my posts there already! You can also expect some new posts this weekend!
So I went looking for cheap, DIY, crazy Halloween costume ideas and this is what I found.
The instructions to this crazy piece can be found at http://www.instructables.com/id/Burtons-Mad-Hatter-Hat/
I've never been quite this lazy with my costumes, but this might actually be a good idea. Thank you Martha Steward, sometimes even your crafts might be affordable and achievable.

This skirt will also work great for fairy and belly-dance costumes!
Another quirky hat, this time from the amazing Threadbanger episodes. I am definitely trying this one out sometime... I've got tons of random decorations that need some use!
This website has some pictures for some beautiful tiaras! If you want to be a fancy princess or fairy for Halloween this is where its at.

There will be much more costume links and ideas coming your way soon. If you want to be a fairy... check out the fairy post!!
While fineartamerica, devian art, and other official art websites have their followers, I've noticed more and more artist displaying their art on craiglist, advertising that they are local and possibly getting those customers who didn't realize they wanted any artwork. This particular post caught my eye because it was really well executed and displayed the artist's beautiful works.
The artist also discovered ways to add animation to some of the images in the post.
 art work collages such as the ones above can represent the artist far better than just separate paintings.
I'm now inspired to do a better job with my future posts...
Since everyone is positng everything on you-tube I decided to make a little slide show of my art work set to Sarah Brightman. Enjoy.
I know some of you like to buy your costumes, while others like to make them. Here are some ideas for great fairy costumes. Having done a lot of research and projects in the field, I can sincerely recommend the following instructions:

Simple Black- From Threadbanger

Best I've Seen by Emilie Autumn

These are more simple, but are also very sturdy and pretty.Fancy Fairy The strap and wing attachment is very clever and I prefer this one because you can tie it under your costume for that "invisible" look. Plus it doesn't chafe. 
Have fun with the costumes. I'll be back with some more fun ideas for Renaissance and Halloween costumes later. Thanks.
Sometimes ideas just pop into my head, but I can not realize them due to time issues. I've always loved junk art, vintage and eco-conscious creations. So here are 3 ideas--I hope you find them use-full.

The ideas come from rummaging around in the recycling!
Plastic and paper shapes can be turned into pendants and jewelery. For instance, that little yogurt box can have the bottom neatly cut out to make a great round pendant.
But some more skilled craftsmen have gone further in converting plastic and paper to decoration. Gulnur Ozdaglar  has created these marvelous pieces!
I also found a variety of interesting cardboard and plastic boxes. With the right skills they can be decoupaged, infused with dyes, covered in mosaic, or-- if you got what it takes- cut and carved.
The cardboard ones can also be covered in tissue paper and used to give gifts, keep jewelry, or ship items if you sell them on e-bay or etsy.
Family Fun- displays this one!
For cheaper scrapbooking or beautiful decoupage! Try some old cards. My mom keeps lots out of sentimental value and sometimes because they are really pretty. What a better way to utilize the cards then to cut out the beautiful shapes or words and glue them to beautiful photo-pages or boxes. Or some of the cards can even be used as background papers.
If you don't know what constitutes eco-friendly art, try Collages. A great Eco-friendly collage can be made over a large cardboard, wood, or paper surface. The fashion for big bangles is a perfect source for inspirational green-ness! Here is what I do!

A can wrapped with duct tape-- approximately the width of the bracelet I want!
After placing layers upon layers of strips of paper, cardboard, newsprint and glue on I cut the long band in half to take it off, and then in half to get two separate bracelets.
The bracelet is glued back together and several more layers of paper is placed on top-- sand-papered and ready to roll!
As an alternative- you can buy pre-made wooden bangles at a store!
In order to make each one unique and eco-friendly I do the following:
  • Use unused materials (old silk flowers, fabric, scrapbook paper scraps)
  • Recycle- newspaper, catalogs, magazines
  • And-- use up buttons, beer-caps, birthday cards, goody-bags and anything else that would otherwise have no use!
Here are some of my designs
For the past 2 years I have occasionally toyed with the idea of learning traditional Arte dei Machereri, or the art of mask making. The origins of this beautiful art are of course in Venice, but the repercussions of this art can be seen in everything from Mardi Gras to modeling and marketing.
So far I have created four successful masks, and several more that were complete and total failures. You can see some of my masks painted into one of the still life's that I have done in the Paintings section. Below are several do and don'ts when it comes to mask-making.
  • Use an exacto knife
  • sandpaper around the edges
  • PLAN it out a little bit
  • paint the back of the mask
  • use very thin and tiny strips of paper on your last layer for a more delicate and smooth look
  • use beads, sparkles, fabric around the edges if they are rough
  • reinforce the area around the nasal bone with a lot of paper
  • Pile on many many layers at once, let it dry a little then add some more
  • Forget the sandpaper
  • Take the mask off the form before it is completely dry
  • forget the glaze (modge pogde or collage podge works fine)
Hey I know valentines day has passed and there is very little to be worried in the area of romance, but its no reason to forget your creativity and cease being romantic... "Seize the Day" and do something incredible, use your brain power to come up with something new and from the heart, for that is what makes a relationship romantic. I was brainstorming the other day and came up with a couple of interesting ideas. Take a look and see if anything inspires you...
  • Make an ABC list of your love's personality, attributes... include loads of praise of course (this actually works for friend's birthdays too)
  • Give them something useful (coffee tumbler, blender, socks??) but stuff the present with loads and loads and loads of love notes-- around 99 or so! (I've actually done this) It takes a while, but is totally worth it.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt for a present, put a chocolate or a flower next to every clue.
  • Give your special someone a crown (paper works too) with the words queen of my heart on them, and see if they will wear it on the date.
  • Climb trees and put post it love notes all over the branches (this way you don't hurt the tree by scratching into it) you can always come back and add some more.
  • Take pictures randomly with a camera.
  • Make a huge pile of leaves in the fall and roll around in it, take a nap if you will.
  • Read books out loud to each other, on the phone or in person.
  • If you write your loved one a poem, illustrate it, or decorate the page with pretty swirls, dots, or stripes.
  • Tie two ties together and wear them around your wrists-- ha now you are tied together with ties.
  • Write I love you with your hands on your loved ones arms or back when in an embrace
  • Send love letters with newspaper cut out letters and the words secret admirer instead of a signature, but always include a return address
  • Write love letters- once you start, it is beautiful.
  • Say I love you often!
So with all those sweet sweet workshops going on this semester here in KC (February 6th was the Shiam Ali thing, April 17th the Troupe Duende Warrior Weekend, and May 28th a Workshop in Topeka. ) I felt like researching into amazing belly-dancers that all the world should know about!

Starting with Silvia Salamanca, who actually visited KC this autumn! She mixes tribal fusion with powerful flamenco! Her performances contain wilderness and energy. Not only does she exhibit her physical strength in the dance with 12 yard skirts, but she employs her eyes and hands as a way of conveying her power. This Spanish dancer sets the stage on fire with her grace and passion! Visit her website to learn more about her!

I have recently watched a video by Anasma, a Vietnamese lady who grew up in Paris and lives in New York! . She works with a very interesting Belly-Dance-Hip-Hop Style. You can find her Liquid Fusion and Wave Explosion videos on the World Dance New York website!! I really enjoy her fluidity and layers. I would seriously recommend her 2 lessons to anyone studying advanced belly-dance and especially tribal fusion. Her performances are stunning, her costumes inspiring, and her attitude welcoming. I have spent the past month working with the first 20 minutes of her 1st DVD. It is loaded with information and moves. She also has a very unique warm up, which would be helpful to teachers in belly-dance fitness. So look up her performances when you have the time!